My Problem Bee Nest Photos

There is a bee nest on the path up to my front door, it is a bit of a worry, and I am hoping that they can be convinced to move and be happy somewhere else on the section.

To assist the bee keeping type guys, I was requested to take a few photos, this is my attempt, and hopefully they show what the bee keeper guys need to know.

There are four photos, one from the top, one from the bottom, and two from on the stairs pointing at the nest itself.

I was surrowned by bees when I took the photo, as they seemed to have taken an interest to me siting within a meter of their nest with a camera, but i somehow didn't manage to get any of them in the photo, which was strange, as I had them all around me when I was trying to snap it!

If you click on a photo, it will take you to a higher res copy of the same picture. If you click on the high res picture it should take you back to this page.

If you want a close look at the bees (or wasps, i'm not sure yet), then this page has that.

Image 1, from Bottom

Image 2, from Top

Image 3, looking directly at it

Image 4, looking directly at it