Google Vehicle Seen

Eglinton Road, Mornington, Dunedin, New Zealand

As I was driving the bus around (Friday, 28th Dec, 2007), I spotted a black car with a strange pole on the roof, and also some kind of dish. On the driver's door was the Google logo. I am guessing it was the Google StreetView camera car.

This badly taken photo was taken using a camera phone at 14:15 on Eglinton Road. Just thought it may have been of interest to some people.Yes I did stop the bus before I took the photo


Somebody else (Bevan) has spotted one of them in Christchurch. His blog entry, including his picture of it can be found At This Link. Thanks for that Bevan.
Bevan managed to catch up with the car again, this time getting some good photos and a quick chat with the driver. His entry is At This Link.